The problem: no place to party at

Eras-music was born in March 2000 in Nice/France. There was a bunch of ERASMUS (scolarship of the European Union) students looking for a place where they could make their own parties.
Nobody owned a whole house, student´s residences were very strict in their rejection of any kind of partying, private parties in appartments were usually finished by midnight by the friendly neigbours or even the police.
Parties in pubs and clubs were usually very expensive (entrance and or drinks) and we dislike most of the music played (like commercial chart music, Britney Pierce etc.).

Our solution: rent a club

We wanted to make our own party, with our own conditions and prices.
So we started looking for a place. Best offer (still quite expensive) was from the owner of the Niel´s Club, Eric. We had to pay the rent for a thursday night, but therefore, entrance and gains of drinks and warderobe were ours. In addition, it was us who fixed the prices, bought the drinks, played the music.
There were several hurdles to be taken, but finally we found an organisation team of nine members who took the risk to pre-finance the whole stuff and with the help of the others organized the event (flyers, promotion, presales, shopping...) within three weeks.

Our success: Soir'ee ERASMUS

Two days before the party, all available presale tickets were sold out and lots of others were angry, because they wanted to come, too. So before the doors were even open, there was a crowd of about twenty people, wanting to get in without a ticket (which was made possible for most of them but created some trouble later on).
The party was rocking very well, from 11h30 pm to 1h30 am the club was almost overcrowded, stuffed with people. It took twenty minutes to get from the dancefloor to the toilet (which is some twenty meters. The whole club is small enough and made for about 150-200 persons). We had 240 at the same time! All this though the entrance was not cheaper than the usual Niel´s or Subway entrance (50 Ff, one drink included). But therefore the drinks were really very cheap (compared to other pubs or clubs in Nice).

The follow-up: ERAS-MUSIC

The owner of the Niel´s Club was very impressed by our success. One of the security guys told us that he had never seen the club stuffed like that for years.
So we could convince him to let our dj play his music about once per month. He would gain most of the entrance and all of the consumed drinks and warderobe. The prices were the standard Niel´s prices. I.e. the entrance was even cheaper (35 Ff, small beer included), but the drinks were at standard Nice prices.
ERAS-MUSIC was chosen as name, because the parties should be a meeting and melting point for students from all over Europe (Non-europeans were welcome as well, of course). The music was mixed up with songs from different EU-countries. Most of it in english language but also some
french, italian, spanish, german,... songs.


Nice 2000

1. ZEBDA - Tombez la chemise
2. LOUISE ATTAQUE - Je t´emm`ene aux vents
3. BLUR - Song 2
4. CHUMBAWAMBA - Thubthumping
5. OFFSPRING - Pretty fly (for a white guy)
6. CHEMICAL BROTHERS - Hey boy, hey girl
7. FATBOY SLIM - The Rockafella skank
8. MANU CHAO - Bongo bong
9. LUNA POP - 50 speciale
10. ELVIS CRESPO - Suavemente

French songs (alltime)

1. LOUISE ATTAQUE - Je t´emm`ene aux vents
2. ZEBDA - Tombez la chemise
3. MANU CHAO - Je ne t´aime plus
4. EDITH PIAF - Je ne regrette rien
6. LES RITA MITSOUKS - Toi, moi et elle
9. BOULEGUE BRIGADE - L'egalisation
10. THC - Le peuple de l´herbe